Faceporn upset the Facebook

Of course the presence of social networking sites with pornographic content, Faceporn able to make a social networking site Facebook annoyance. Various attempts of them to name the site is not approved by the court, but to no avail.

Since 2010 they are trying to buy the domain Faceporn to maintain the security of the search results of “Facebook“, but the effort is at a stalemate. Company founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends are buying a variety of domains with the keyword “Face” and “Book”.

Until now, all efforts to keep all parties up in the search keyword optimized, they already have 10 domains with two keywords, and the 17 domains that are still pending ratification.

It turned out that when faced Faceporn, all be in vain, legal steps to acquire the domain’s adult social network that operates in Norway was not successful. Until last week, U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey S. White stated, Facebook lost the lawsuit.

Facebook is also obliged to pay some money to replace funds Faceporn to pay lawyers and legal costs. Facebook lawsuit was rejected because of “lack of personal jurisdiction.”

Does not mean Facebook will cease to hold forth on their defeat in court, Facebook plans to continue the suit against Faceporn, for using the term “Wall” in one of the social networking features.

Situation become more exciting, because it indirectly in the virtual world of computer users will find out, whether Faceporn it? A free promotion, of course.

(Sources VentureBeat, TeknoKompas /Image Faceporn)


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