Happier sex with breast implants

By Bramirus Mikail

breast implantBreast implant surgery is not only made her more confident with the size of the breasts become larger, but also can increase their satisfaction in bed.

Conclusions are based on the results of an online survey was initiated Realself.com, which involves a number of women and the results of the survey showed that nearly 61 percent of women admitted that they had more sex with a partner after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

And, even significantly, 70 percent of them admitted that their sex life satisfaction has greatly improved since breast augmentation surgery performed.

Real Self is a community to share and learn about cosmetic surgery. This community conducted a poll for two weeks and asked the patients who underwent breast enlargement surgery to assess their sexual experiences since the surgery is performed.

The findings showed that those who undergo breast augmentation are able to achieve orgasm easier and overall more easily aroused.

The poll results are not surprising. I see no change in the patient what to wear and how they carry themselves in the workplace after having breast augmentation,” said Dr Andrew P Trussler MD, a plastic surgeon in Dallas, and assistant in plastic surgery University of Texas.

In my personal observation, she would feel more confident after breast surgery, and you can easily see how the self-confidence that lead to improvements in other areas of their lives,” he said.

A source (women who undergo breast implant surgery) confirmed the findings of the survey and said that breast implants would lead one to enjoy a freer sexual experience.

It’s not just about the ability to impress a man. It’s more about your self-confidence that allows you to enjoy the sexual experience more freely and without hindrance,” the source said.

On a scale of 1-10, 28 percent of women who took part in the survey admitted that their sex life increased by four points. Even 7.5 out of 10 women say the procedure is “reasonable“.

I do not believe the breasts just for the pleasure of men. If a woman hugging herself and feel empowered by it, then he can get more out of himself,” the source said.

June, 23 2012
(Source healthKompas, editor A Candra /Image cosmeticsurgical)


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