Rooney became impotent?

Apparently there is a story that is not so convenient to be known. Anti-balding drug has side effects that were harmless enough, that is impotent. Men who experience hair loss process slowly and then more and more bald would be familiar with this drug.

A famous soccer player, striker for England “Three Lions” and Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is one of those who routinely use these drugs. Since a young age has been attacked by the hair loss, it makes him uneasy. His appearance was somewhat less attractive, so he thinks.

In 2009 he was taking Propecia and then grow hair on his head, in order to avoid widespread loss.

An expert who studied the negative effects of these drugs, Dr. Michael Irwig from Washington University, said that 20 percent of patients even further due to the drug finasteride (brand names Proscar and Propecia, generic among other names) cause other effects, namely sexual dysfunction.

Several European countries, like Britain have warned could threaten the use of the pill users experiencing impotence. This course will have broad impact.

What would the response of the drug manufacturer? They argue, of course! Merck that manufactures of Propecia told to The Sun, there is no direct link between the pill with the cessation of sexual function.
Prior to risk it arrives, should be observed carefully the instructions on its use. Impotent? Certainly not good news, right?

(Source H Prasetyo, Kompas, The Sun /Image


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