Sex dolls is able to outwit the police

Exciting news last week about the misunderstandings that could attract the attention of about a thousand people gathered on the banks of the river in Shandong Province on July 11.

China’s police in that province responding to reports of a repressed woman, that there are reports of a drowning woman. They have moved quickly to save.

However, they found only a sex doll that was thrown, not a woman. Report on, said police who were on the field soon realized their mistake was.

Rescuers showed the doll to the crowd, some children are blindfolded by their mother and immediately disperse.

Sex doll was designed by the manufacturer to be so similar, so a user does not notice the difference. No need to also wonder if this incident happened there, because Shandong Province is the center of sex toys factory.

A similar incident last month was when a young reporter mistakenly identifies China sex toy found Liucunbu Village residents outside the city of Xi’an in western China, he is also considered as a rare fungus in a statement live on television.

Only a matter of shame and derision of her friends, a misunderstanding. And of course an unique story.

(Source Kompas, /Image unixweb)


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