Social media becomes the Olympics challenge

By Tabita Diela

Olympic OpeningsThe International Olympic Committee (IOC) will face many problems when the London Olympic Games begin next week, July 27, 2012. Because the millions of sports fans in the world not only gathered in London to watch the Olympics, they will also share what they see in the arena through Facebook and Twitter.

The explosion of social networking is a big opportunity for the IOC, but IOC also has a responsibility to keep the information flow out of the arena. IOC is responsible for broadcasting stations who have signed contracts worth billions of dollars for exclusive coverage. Fans inside the stadium will be allowed to use their smartphone to record the athletes competing, but they are not allowed to upload them to Facebook.

Anthony Edgar, head of media operations for the IOC admitted that he did not know what will happen later in London in connection with the explosion of social networking. Until now, the 900 million people have used Facebook.

Yes, you can not hold the camera and pull through exclusive broadcasts. That is the area of ​​the broadcasters,” said Edgar told Reuters in an interview. “But you should discuss this. There should not take photographs. And of course, you should write about this.

Ian Maude, an online media analyst at Enders Analysis for firms based in the UK, said that this decision could be a major challenge for social networking and for IOC. There will be many fans who do not know this rule.

Everyone has a cell phone with a video camera. They’ll want to capture this special moment for their children and grandchildren,” he said.

I think there will be issues that people are not aware of this rule, but there are also people who think they have to pay dearly to get a ticket and they will not care.

A spokesman for Facebook said that their group has a close relationship with London Olympic organizers and they will respond to IP violations as they did on other occasions.

Edgar says that social networking can take advantage of media partners to reach out to younger audiences who spend less time in front of the television, while the IOC will work with Facebook and Twitter just in case if there is content is not formally entered into the two sites.

Some time ago, the London Olympic organizers also have to deal with bad publicity when some altlet of the United States and Australia to send a message on his Twitter account after they were lost before reaching the Olympic Village.

July 22, 2012
(Source Kompas /Image Olympics2012)

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