And, England also Singing

By Abun Sanda

The BeatlesOne of the legendary song The Beatles, flowing melodic “Yesterday” at the mall Westfield, London, Thursday, 8 August, 2012 afternoon. The song was sung by thousands of singers and they are paid millions of pounds for The Beatles, did not play very loud voice. But still able to cope with boisterous mall noisy voice.

Known, the mall adjacent to the Olympic Park, London Olympic 2012 main stadium is the hustle and bustle because most athletes, officials and spectators of the Olympic games, there cornucopia. Be the mall that can accommodate 300.000 of visitors, crammed with people around the world.

Mal looks hectic because British citizens are celebrating the success of their team sitting third in the Olympic games, which stood at 22 gold. Gold will still rise as the world’s biggest sporting event will still take several days. When “Yesterday” is heard, some of them seemed to sing along with gusto.

A number of police and marines on patrol there seems be happy, some of them humming happily. They serve residents and foreign tourists who ask for a photo together. Photos of British marines turned fiercely gentle face of English.

When the song “Hey Jude” change from “Yesterday“, then “Imagine“, the atmosphere is still the same, full of joy. Britons really proud: as a respected Olympic organizers and the amazing achievements of the field.

Of course the atmosphere of joy that not only looks at the Olympic Park or at the Wembley Arena or at the Woolwich Arsenal, but also in the residential-housing residents. They were waving British flags and singing songs famous in the UK. About singing, and music, was very closely with British society. Understandably, a number of singers and bands are well-known universal born in England. As is known, not just a famous “The Beatles”, singer or any other group views, of which the Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Deep Purple, Cliff Richard, Queen, Oasis and so on.

In the open fields, in parks (in London, there are hundreds of parks), residents celebrate the greatness of England prancing. “Great Britain, Great Britain, Great Britain ….,” they shouted happily. In Hyde Park, not far from Buckingham Palace, a number of young people gather, opening the mobile phone and computer. They might follow the development of the UK from there.

It is no less interesting, the government and Olympic organizers to build the big screen so they could watch the people who are not fortunate to get a ticket. In the park near Woolwich Arsenal, for example, erect a television screen that allows hundreds of people sit and watch quietly. As for children under seven years of playing in the fountain while carrying a small British flag. “We are the champions. We are the champions,” they shouted.

Practically all British citizens partying. They not only participate for the good running the Olympic Games, but also with pride at the achievements of their athletes. In an Oak tree, not far from the big screen, stuck a small banner, “God, thank you for Your Blessing.

London, August 10, 2012
(Source travelKompas /Images Wetty Sjahran)

Abun Sanda. A senior journalist.


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