Odd Amphibians shaped like penis

Atretochoana eiseltiStrange creature found in November 2011 and by biologists at the Madeira River, Rondonia, Brazil when scientists attempt to drain some parts of the river to create a new dam. The river was connected to Amazon.

It’s very similar to the male genitals or penis, upon closer examination later discovered that the creature is a type of amphibian. Although classified as amphibians, the shape is more like a snake creature.

The experts agreed to confirm it as a new kind on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 and named the classification of amphibians Atretochoana eiselti or snake hung limp/not stiff. Observations classify these creatures close kinship with salamanders and frogs.

One biologist who works for the San Antonio Energy, Julian Tupan said quoting the Daily Mail, the number six specimens of these animals are found. One dead, three are released back into nature, while two were taken for the study.

We think these animals breathe through the skin and may eat small fish or worms, but there is still no proof.” he said.

Amazon jungle in Brazil is still a lot of mystery to have on further exploration, there are always surprises there. Especially when you see amphibians and reptiles. Be prepared to get following a surprise.

(Source Daily Mail, sainsKompas /Image Matt Roper – San Antonio Energy)


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