Foods That Raise Your Sex Passion

By Christina Andhika Setyanti

–> From the original title “4 Types of Foods that raise Sex Passion

strawberryWhat do you do when your sex life less passionate? Let’s look at the contents of your refrigerator first. Because maybe there are some foods that can be used as a “tool” to stimulate the sex drive you both.

Chocolate sauce. Surely you’ve heard that chocolate is a food that is “sexy“. What is this? Not because of the content of phenylethylamine, a substance that is nutritious produce dopamine neurotransmitters. Impact of dopamine is the emergence of feelings of pleasure and improved mood. Phenylethylamine itself has aphrodisiac properties that gave rise to the feeling like someone in love.

To stimulate the sex drive partner, just apply chocolate on sensitive parts of her body. Then use your tongue to clean it. Be sure to make eye contact so that he’s more easily tempted.

Whipped cream. Hiss whipped cream when sprayed from the can would sound very sexy. Whipped cream will encourage sensations lovemaking more exciting, because you can also clean up the cream on her body by using your lips. In this way, you can both joking and having fun. Do not forget, the joy is one component of great sex.

Strawberry. Strawberry seeds have a high content of zinc. Zinc itself is often associated with sex, because its function is to set the necessary testosterone to produce sperm. In women, the body will prepare itself for sex more quickly if the session content of zinc in the body is high. In addition, strawberries are rich in antioxidants that serve to optimize blood flow to the sex organs. Its vitamin C content is high also able to improve libido. Now, dip the strawberries into the chocolate sauce would not only give the sensation of taste more delicious, but also helps increase your sexual desire.

Ice cube. This is one of the sex aidstools” cheapest and most readily available from the refrigerator. Stimulate your partner by touching an ice cube on several parts of his body. Extreme cold sensation on sensitive parts of the body, and is followed by a passionate kiss in the same place, will make him an unforgettable pleasure.

(Source GAL Time, femaleKompas /Image xxxxxxxxx)

Christina Andhika Setyanti. A woman journalist.


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