“Gangnam Style” Break Guinness World Record

Gangnam StyleSouth Korean rapper, Psy, can add significant gains in his career. The video clip for the song “Gangnam Style” it broke the Guinness World Record as the most in-videolikes” by visitors to YouTube.

Video clip song “Gangnam Style” on YouTube has garnered 2,234,641 “likes”. That figure beat the previous record holder, “Party Rock Anthem” from LMFAO, ie 1,575,979 “likes”. Thus, the “Gangnam Style” became the most in-video “like” in the history of YouTube. That number is only three months after the video clip was released.

Meanwhile, the video of all time most watched YouTube video clips are still held by the song “Baby” from Justin Bieber, which was released in 2010. Until now, “Baby” has been watched 780,683,863 times. This figure is roughly four times the number that is printed by the “Gangnam Style” now.

(Source ABCNews, Kompas.com /Image PSY)


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