“Lincoln” has a chance of getting an Oscar

Lincoln The MovieRecent works by the great director Steven Spielberg, “Lincoln” about the 16th President of the U.S. in the end of his term, which tells about Lincoln to abolish slavery struggle likely to receive this year’s Oscar awards.

The film, starring two Oscar-winning actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays Abraham Lincoln, immediately received a lot of comments on Twitter, the most of it is positive. They even refer to Lincoln is the best movie of Spielberg for years.

Another actor Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field, where Lee Jones plays the Republican congressman Thaddeus Stevens, while Field role as Mary Ann, wife of Lincoln.

The premiere of the film immediately received a positive response from film fans in New York, seen from ticket sales over the weekend. Lincoln excel will win an Oscar for best picture and best director.

In conclusion, Lincoln seems to be a film that will get a lot of Oscar. Spielberg’s career in the midst of commercial art and has been successful in this film.” As written in The Hollywood Reporter.

Not only Spielberg, the main actors Day Lewis was getting accolades, including The Huffington Post who dubbed his superb acting. Day Lewis to play Lincoln considered able to be firm but kind.

Great effort from Lewis who has done previous research to provide great acting, to use Lincoln distinctive high voice in the film. This movie also proves that the supporting cast also deserves an award.

Surely an interesting movie!

(Source Antara, Kompas /Image imdb.com)


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3 Responses to “Lincoln” has a chance of getting an Oscar

  1. HIP OP says:

    —-Done-to-death Lincoln —done-to-death for the 6th?
    —7th time? and AGAIN with SALLY FIELD.

    Meanwhile, the franchise slum Hollywood mafia is
    ‘overlooking’ BOTH this year’s 40th Anniversary of the
    Nixon—MAO Globalist handover —-AND!
    the ————–60th Anniversary———————
    of the awesomely relevant, RED China, Globalism
    and GENOCIDE —-‘uncomfortable’

    ———————-KOREAN WAR————————–

    Spielberg continues to deliver moral alibis —for himself.

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