will.i.am song’s for Obama

-> From the original title “will.i.am create song again for Obama’s victory

will.i.amGroup personnel of Black Eyed Peas (BEP), will.i.am, will be releasing a song a victory for Barack Obama, who was elected for the second time a U.S. president. It is expressed through his Twitter account.

I’m proud of where I come from … but I’m even more proud of where we are going …,” he wrote.

Not only this time he was writing songs for Obama. “In 2008 I wrote ‘its a new day’ 1week before @ BarackObama won … and last week I wrote another victory song … it will be out in 1week,” he wrote again.

Mentors in The Voice, a singing contest on TV’s hoping this time his song will also be as successful as the song “It’s a New Day“, which created for Obama in 2008, when for the first time Obama was elected U.S. president.

will.i.am is also grateful to his mother, a mother who worked hard for their support for the child incessantly. “Thanks mom for raising me the way you did … from the ghetto to backstage 2012 @ BarackObama re-elect,” his tweet. “I got to speak with the president backstage before this historic speech … my mom got me [here] … she is the greatest single mom ever …,” he continued.

will.i.am attended Obama’s election party on November 11, 2012 night local time, at the McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago (Illinois), and chatted with the other stars, including Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige, and Melanie Griffith.

(Source femalefirst.co.uk, Kompas /Image wikipedia)


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