Preferred Kisses by the Men

kissing the lover

When you’re alone with your lover, is not it thrilling moment? Kissing the lover is part of intimacy, and all seemed to go smoothly.

How do you imagine the expression of a lover? Say the same thing for the couple who have been married, many couples who not only enjoy a kiss on the lips, but also on the forehead, cheeks, or neck, depending on the atmosphere.

Men love these kinds of typical kiss, as if he thought?

Kiss while sucking lips. While sucking kisses the upper lip or lower lip is usually done to stimulate you. A kiss like this to be a hint that this man was a great kisser, and a love of adventure awaits more powerful.

A kiss in the middle of sex. Kiss in the mid sex may tantamount to giving more stimulation during sex. Warm kiss during sex is one of the “seasoning” the most fun, and create more sex drive is on.

A simple kiss. This kiss is categorized as a quick kiss, but still full of meaning and a sign of affection with no load. The kiss that made the couple feel loved.

French kiss. A kiss that seemed very sensual, and afterward you certainly can not just stop. If done with closed eyes, and body are fused to each other, the sensation was certainly able to stimulate the passion you both.

Of all the above types of kisses, french kiss most preferred by men, because in essence of a man really like the “wet” kiss. Kissing has always shown a surge of desire partner.

(Source Tango, KompasHealth /Image Tango)


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