Most Hated Celebrities, Who Are They?

Most Hated CelebritiesBeing a celebrity does not seem to be a guarantee of always liked by the fans, apparently there is also less favored celebrities. In fact most of them hated.

Hollywood’s most hated artist in a poll conducted by one of the media, Star Magazine, a benchmark for enthusiasts to know.

For example, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood actress was chosen as the most hated celebrities, her husband looks worried, Chris Martin.

Of course there is, the public still remember when Gwyneth made headlines in recent weeks, after saying that she did not allow her children to eat foods containing carbohydrates.

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JLo Buying an 18 Million USD New House

JLoTheir parting was so painful even though many fans still do not believe it, but JLo tried to continue making herself busy with various activities in the entertainment world.

When Jennifer Lopez split up with her husband Marc Anthony a months ago to People magazine last June, which tells how the fans were surprised. However, they argue that the breakup was “it’s the time” because in both behind the attitude of affectionate in public, in fact there is a large embers of conflict in their marriage.

Marc is very supportive Jennifer’s career. But, he began to see that life is not merely for the job. Life is to enjoy life. There are still many other questions are more important than work,” said Anthony close friends.

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