Gianluigi Buffon became porn movie star?

Buffon with AlenaIndeed, a wife is a wonderful companion at a time when hearts aretroubled, as well as a companion in everyday life. Always a lot of joy and sorrow occur every day, so it happens to Gianluigi Buffon with his wife, Alena.

One time Alena got a chance interviewed by an Italian women’s magazine, Verrisimo, last week, well… During the interview Alena commented that her husband “look” better in bed than Siffredi.

Sifredi here means Rocco Siffredi, Italian porn star. Siffredi apparently annoyed by Alena’s comments, he responded, “He (Buffon) may be better than me in bed, but I want to see it in front of the camera. Buffon is still ‘small child’ when compared to myself. I’ll make a suggestion: when he stopped playing, he should work for me. I need a real man,” replied Siffredi sarcastically about Alena statement.

And Alena actually want to praise the mighty husband on the bed, now even Buffon who was invited to play with Siffredi, hahaa…

Of course Buffon did not respond or at least he thought it was just an interlude in the life of the their family household. He was more preoccupied with how to bring the teams home city of Turin, Juventus defended to regain “scudetto” long lost from their grasp.

Buffon has been recognized by the soccer fans around the world as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and great service in bringing Juventus won a few times the Serie A “scudetto” and brought the Italian national teams became champion in FIFA World Cup in 2006.

Of course, Juventus need him more than the (porn) film fans, perhaps? Should let Buffon who will answer it, Buffon is really the man!

(Source Goal, Kompas /Image happymatrimonio)