10 World’s Most Expensive Apartments

Based on data from Lincoln Property Company from various sources

Odéon Tower

Odéon Tower – Monaco

Age moves forward so that the housing needs increasingly diverse, and Lincoln Property obtaining data on housing needs throughout the world.

Humans can consider their needs with the perspective and other factors.

Here are the most expensive apartments, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

10. 56 Leonard, New York. Height of 250 meters consisting of 60 floors. The price per unit is priced at 47 million dollars.

9. Clermont Residence Super Penthouse, Singapore. At 180 meters, the tallest tower in Clermont is the heart of Singapore. This building has a garden on its roof.

Largest unit is a condominium area of 1,115 square meters with three floors for 47 million dollars.

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