If The Earth Lost The Moon

The MoonAn interesting article on the Discovery website, April 25, 2013 deserves to be considered. The article is to review the consequences if the Moon is completely gone, for some reason such as destroyed.

Thought to review this case arose after seeing a sci-fi movie titled “Oblivion“, with lead actor Tom Cruise. In the film, in 2017, Earth is invaded by aliens called Scavenger. Even then the moon was destroyed. What if it really happened?

Two scenarios are presented. First, if the moon were destroyed, the debris still exist around the Earth and the second, when the moon completely disappeared. If debris is still there on the Moon around the Earth, it could sunlit debris. Could be, the light rays due to debris which reflect the sun light than the full moon.

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Tatooine-like planet with 2 Suns

Kepler-16b with 2 sunsFor the “Star Wars” movie fans is told that Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke Skywalker lived on this planet, Planet Tatooine with two suns. Can imagine then how the person on the planet can enjoy the sunset or sunrise twice.

The film told that the planet Tatooine is a desert planet in a binary star system. It once had large oceans full of marine based life and a world-spanning jungle, but this biosphere was destroyed when the myopic Rakata razed the planet, drying up its riverbeds and boiling away its oceans.

Well, it turns out the planet in this sci-fi movie then it really exists in the universe with conditions similar to those depicted in the film.

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