Rooney became impotent?

Apparently there is a story that is not so convenient to be known. Anti-balding drug has side effects that were harmless enough, that is impotent. Men who experience hair loss process slowly and then more and more bald would be familiar with this drug.

A famous soccer player, striker for England “Three Lions” and Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is one of those who routinely use these drugs. Since a young age has been attacked by the hair loss, it makes him uneasy. His appearance was somewhat less attractive, so he thinks.

In 2009 he was taking Propecia and then grow hair on his head, in order to avoid widespread loss.

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Opening Euro 2012: Poland vs Greece tied at the 1-1

After a brief opening ceremony, just 20 minutes. The beauty of dance as a dancer in the middle of the field to form various formations with colorful costumes bring the themes of cultural diversity are two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, the opening match kicked off.

Euro 2012 opening match, the Warsaw National Stadium, Friday, June 8, 2012 marked the release of a red card for each team. Poland played aggressively since the early minutes, they play from the wing sector, through Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek. The ball bounced the bait and assist, however, Lewandowski’s two colleagues work hard to maximize it. At the 15th minute, for example, Piszczek cross off, which failed to reach him.

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