Foods That Raise Your Sex Passion

By Christina Andhika Setyanti

–> From the original title “4 Types of Foods that raise Sex Passion

strawberryWhat do you do when your sex life less passionate? Let’s look at the contents of your refrigerator first. Because maybe there are some foods that can be used as a “tool” to stimulate the sex drive you both.

Chocolate sauce. Surely you’ve heard that chocolate is a food that is “sexy“. What is this? Not because of the content of phenylethylamine, a substance that is nutritious produce dopamine neurotransmitters. Impact of dopamine is the emergence of feelings of pleasure and improved mood. Phenylethylamine itself has aphrodisiac properties that gave rise to the feeling like someone in love.

To stimulate the sex drive partner, just apply chocolate on sensitive parts of her body. Then use your tongue to clean it. Be sure to make eye contact so that he’s more easily tempted.

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And, England also Singing

By Abun Sanda

The BeatlesOne of the legendary song The Beatles, flowing melodic “Yesterday” at the mall Westfield, London, Thursday, 8 August, 2012 afternoon. The song was sung by thousands of singers and they are paid millions of pounds for The Beatles, did not play very loud voice. But still able to cope with boisterous mall noisy voice.

Known, the mall adjacent to the Olympic Park, London Olympic 2012 main stadium is the hustle and bustle because most athletes, officials and spectators of the Olympic games, there cornucopia. Be the mall that can accommodate 300.000 of visitors, crammed with people around the world.

Mal looks hectic because British citizens are celebrating the success of their team sitting third in the Olympic games, which stood at 22 gold. Gold will still rise as the world’s biggest sporting event will still take several days. When “Yesterday” is heard, some of them seemed to sing along with gusto.

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Sex dolls is able to outwit the police

Exciting news last week about the misunderstandings that could attract the attention of about a thousand people gathered on the banks of the river in Shandong Province on July 11.

China’s police in that province responding to reports of a repressed woman, that there are reports of a drowning woman. They have moved quickly to save.

However, they found only a sex doll that was thrown, not a woman. Report on, said police who were on the field soon realized their mistake was.

Rescuers showed the doll to the crowd, some children are blindfolded by their mother and immediately disperse.

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Opening Euro 2012: Poland vs Greece tied at the 1-1

After a brief opening ceremony, just 20 minutes. The beauty of dance as a dancer in the middle of the field to form various formations with colorful costumes bring the themes of cultural diversity are two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, the opening match kicked off.

Euro 2012 opening match, the Warsaw National Stadium, Friday, June 8, 2012 marked the release of a red card for each team. Poland played aggressively since the early minutes, they play from the wing sector, through Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek. The ball bounced the bait and assist, however, Lewandowski’s two colleagues work hard to maximize it. At the 15th minute, for example, Piszczek cross off, which failed to reach him.

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