Austin GP tightened after Boston Bombing

Circuit of the AmericasAfter the bomb in Boston during the Boston Marathon in 2013, Monday, April 15, 2013 its make a variety of other events that will be held in the MotoGP race track more alert. They tightened security at various places.

One of these events will be held is the Austin Grand Prix this weekend, the Circuit of the Americas stepped up security around the motor racing arena.

Various items carefully recorded, in order to minimize the possible risks that may arise, ranging from handbags, wallets, backpacks, must pass the examination. One by one will be checked by security forces.

Citing news, April 17, 2013, Vice President of Public & Media Relations Circuit, Julie Loignon said, “We’ve been in touch with local law enforcement following the unfortunate events yesterday in Boston, Massachusetts, and will work with them throughout the upcoming weekend for sure we staged a safe and secure event.

Here’s a list of items that should not be taken to the Circuit of the Americas – MotoGP Austin, Texas:

* Alcoholic beverages.
* Animals (except certified animal).
* Bags or packages larger than 12x12x20 inches.
* Bicycles, skuters, skateboards, roller skates, Segway (two wheel vehicles that use electricity), golf cart, or other means of transportation are not allowed.
* Cooler, thermos or cooler box.
* Distribution of promotional material that is not allowed or commercial.
* Food and beverage (note: sealed, individual plastic bottles, or water is allowed).
* Fireworks, explosives or fireworks, explosives or fire other triggers devices.
* Glass or metal contains other models.
* Illegal substances.
* Items that can be considered dangerous to the safety or interfere with the participants or guests (balls, flying saucers, balloons, projectiles, horns, radios, bells, whistles, musical instruments, laser pointers, etc.).
* Type huge golf umbrellas.
* Non-folding chair.
* Tents or canopies.
* Video camera, audio recorder and tripod; no video recorders are allowed.
* Weapons anything, including pistons, knife, pepper spray, handcuffs, baton, or other goods.

– The following items are allowed to be brought into the circuit.

* Blanket.
* Umbrella (small, hand-held style).
* Stroller.
* Seats fold and easy to carry.
* Personal camera equipment (such as a digital camera or film camera).
* Binoculars.

(Source, Kompas /Image Circuit of the Americas)


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