10 World’s Most Expensive Apartments

Based on data from Lincoln Property Company from various sources

Odéon Tower

Odéon Tower – Monaco

Age moves forward so that the housing needs increasingly diverse, and Lincoln Property obtaining data on housing needs throughout the world.

Humans can consider their needs with the perspective and other factors.

Here are the most expensive apartments, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

10. 56 Leonard, New York. Height of 250 meters consisting of 60 floors. The price per unit is priced at 47 million dollars.

9. Clermont Residence Super Penthouse, Singapore. At 180 meters, the tallest tower in Clermont is the heart of Singapore. This building has a garden on its roof.

Largest unit is a condominium area of 1,115 square meters with three floors for 47 million dollars.

8. Opus Apartment Penthouse, Hongkong. By architect Frank Gehry. Breadth in the range of 557 to 836 square meters. Most expensive unit in this apartment prices reached 60 million dollars.

7. South Bank Tower Penthouse, London. The building overlooks the River Thames exactly. Unit apartment specially designed stylish James Bond. Price highest priced unit 90 million dollars.

6. 432 Park Avenue Penthouse, New York. Rafael Vinoly works with 425 meters high, this building is the second tallest tower after the Empire State Building in New York. 432 Park Avenue condominium units ranging from the cheapest appreciated that 7 million dollars to the highest of 95 million US dollars.

5. City Spire Penthouse, New York. Tower mix used with the highest terrace in the United States at an altitude of 248 meters. Owners of apartments sold it for 100 million dollars.

4. One 57 Winter Garden Penthouse, New York. The tower was named the fourth most expensive. The most expensive unit price is 115 million US dollars.

3. The Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel, New York. The most expensive in the United States, this condo is located in the same building as the hotel. Located on floors 41, 42 and 43, each occupant must pay a total of 125 million US dollars.

2. Hyde Park Penthouse, London. Located in a building called One Hyde Park, Hyde Park apartment consists of 86 units. The price of this unit reached 237 million US dollars.

1. Sky Penthouse in the Odeon Tower, Monaco. Tour Odeon is designed as one of Europe’s tallest residential tower that soars 170 meters and contains 49 floors with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The selling price per unit exceeded 400 million US dollars.

As the need for human occupancy, the apartment became one of the options in meeting the eligibility level of human in choosing a place to stay.

(Source LincolnApts.com, Compass Property /Image Odeon Tower)


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