If The Earth Lost The Moon

The MoonAn interesting article on the Discovery website, April 25, 2013 deserves to be considered. The article is to review the consequences if the Moon is completely gone, for some reason such as destroyed.

Thought to review this case arose after seeing a sci-fi movie titled “Oblivion“, with lead actor Tom Cruise. In the film, in 2017, Earth is invaded by aliens called Scavenger. Even then the moon was destroyed. What if it really happened?

Two scenarios are presented. First, if the moon were destroyed, the debris still exist around the Earth and the second, when the moon completely disappeared. If debris is still there on the Moon around the Earth, it could sunlit debris. Could be, the light rays due to debris which reflect the sun light than the full moon.

It may be the effect of gravity will be the same as the effect of gravity when the full moon is still there. However, if the moon completely disappeared, its gravitational effect will be lost.

Tide phenomenon is still going to happen, but it would be caused by the Sun and will take place at noon. In the long term is related to changes in Earth’s axis of rotation.

Known, the rotation axis of the Earth is constantly changing, making the Earth spins like a top, sometimes tilted to the left and to the right. Perpendicular to the earth and moon do not also affect the Earth’s axis of rotation.

When there is no moon, the Earth’s rotation axis changes will take place more quickly than normal range 22-25 degrees will turn into extreme ranges between 0-85 degrees steradian.

The climate changes more rapidly, the Earth becomes unstable and unfit for habitation. The animals that live on the earth would be extremely hostile anymore.

Are we willing to take that risk?

(Source Discovery, SainsKompas /Image NASA)


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