Opening Euro 2012: Poland vs Greece tied at the 1-1

After a brief opening ceremony, just 20 minutes. The beauty of dance as a dancer in the middle of the field to form various formations with colorful costumes bring the themes of cultural diversity are two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, the opening match kicked off.

Euro 2012 opening match, the Warsaw National Stadium, Friday, June 8, 2012 marked the release of a red card for each team. Poland played aggressively since the early minutes, they play from the wing sector, through Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek. The ball bounced the bait and assist, however, Lewandowski’s two colleagues work hard to maximize it. At the 15th minute, for example, Piszczek cross off, which failed to reach him.

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Internazionale de Milano Still Missing Mourinho

Jose MourinhoAfter European league almost half way into the round, especially the Italian League, Inter Milan sunk by occupying the 16th position in Serie A standings.

Of course this makes the Inter president, Massimo Moratti, who previously had to change the target position after a Champions League winners only, a harsh reality and it is not impossible it is also difficult to achieve.

Since the departure of Jose Mourinho at the end of the 2009-10 season, Inter Milan have yet to find a coach who can restore their glory. Starting from Rafael Benitez, Leonardo, Gian Piero Gasperini and now Claudio Ranieri until they’ve tried to restore the glory of them, but the results have not been as trhe owner expected.

The same is expressed by Inter Milan CEO Ernesto Paolillo, who admitted that his club is hard to find trainers who can continue the success already achieved by Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho, who despised by the squad coach competitors because all actions are provocative, but it is part of a comprehensive strategy in dealing with his opponents on the field later.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil draw has been completed and where’s Indonesia?

FIFA Draw BrazilDraw against 175 teams from the six confederations including Indonesia to get 31 tickets to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil has done, at the Marina da Gloria, Rio De Janeiro, Saturday, July 30, 2011.

Raffle event took place in the room with festive invitations allocation of 1,000 people. Visible indoor coach of the various participating countries, such as Vicente del Bosque (Spain), Laurent Blanc (France), even Guus Hiddink, Fabio Capello, Mario Menezes including coach there with 38 other countries.

Indonesia are in Group E Asian Zone along with Iran, Qatar, and Bahrain and placement in this group are certainly not easy. Some football coaches and former football player in Indonesia have said that the organization of Indonesian football (PSSI) is not to lull the public with excessive expectations.

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Hope Indonesia escaped from the FIFA ban

PSSIToday on July 9, 2011 PSSI Extraordinary Congress PSSI (Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia) will take place in the city of Solo, Central Java. The Congress was again held after a similar congress on May 20, 2011 in Jakarta failed to take place, as some groups of voters want the candidates for chairman passed as a candidate of their choice.

While chairman of the Assembly headed by Chairman of the Normalization Committee Agum Gumelar as officially designated by the sports world football body FIFA has banned two candidates for chairman of the desired by the majority owner of the voice PSSI, former Army Chief of Staff George Toisutta and oil tycoon Arifin Panigoro.

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FC Barcelona’s Extraordinary!

Champions League Final 2011Watching the match Champions League Final 2011 in Wembley Stadium, London, Saturday or Sunday, May 28 2011 early yesterday morning pm very tempting! Referee Viktor Kassai of Hungary led the game between Manchester United versus FC Barcelona‘s really a treat “creme de la creme“, best of the best.

As first seen about 8-10 minutes so the Red Devils dominated the game, but it did not last long, The Cules slowly began to lock the game. Turned over and the midfield is really controlled by Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. Field almost 60 percent are in MU territory, their rearguard looked nervous and seemed to Rio Ferdinand lost control of his friends in the back area.

The Cules, FC Barcelona is really enjoying their football philosophy was, victory or defeat is not serious in Barcelona’s football philosophy.

Is a legendary player at the same time spiritual guru Barcelona, ​​Johan Cruyff who transmit the spirit of it. The spirit is not fixated on the lose-win. As quoted by the Times, won the trophy of success is a fantastic champion. However, if success is not achieved, it is not something to be lamented.

Champion is one thing, the important thing. However, to come up with your own style to make people imitate and admire you. That’s the greatest gift, ” said Cruyff.

This game early in the first half runs beautifully, Pedro scored in the 27th minute immediately rewarded by Rooney at minute 34. spectators into tense, rumbling sound in the stadium. Thrilling!

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PSSI? Tak Takut Sanksi FIFA?

Logo PSSIKongres Pemilihan Pengurus PSSI periode 2011-2015 akhirnya berjalan deadlock. Pemimpin sidang yang juga Ketua Komite Normalisasi dengan tegas menutup kongres karena menilai jalannya sidang sudah tak kondusif. Begitu bunyi sebuah artikel di situs portal, Jumat, 20 Mei 2011 pukul 20:45 WIB yang juga dihadiri dua perwakilan FIFA, Thierry Regenass dan Frank van Hattum.

Pemandangan tak kalah seru menyaksikannya langsung melalui layar televisi, suasana kongres tersebut sangat riuh dan terlihat kacau, terdengar suara-suara teriakan, “Bodooohh…” berulang-ulang dari salah seorang peserta kongres, rupanya teriakan-teriakan dan kisruh di dalam ruangan kongres bertempat di Hotel Sultan kemarin yang dipimpin oleh Ketua Komite Normalisasi, Agum Gumelar, dianggap sudah tidak kondusif lagi, sehingga ia memutuskan untuk segera menghentikan jalannya kongres! Tambah ramai deh!

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Menunggu “El Clasico” Madrid-Barca Semi Final Liga Champions 2011

El Clasico Madrid-BarcaKurang lebih dua hari lagi laga I semifinal Liga Champions antara Barcelona dan Real Madrid akan berlangsung di Stadion Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid. Tetapi masyarakat penggemar bola sudah lebih dulu panas, beberapa tempat ajang Nobar (nonton bareng) di beberapa cafe di Jakarta sudah tentu akan diserbu beramai-ramai, menyenangkan bagi pemilik cafe tersebut.

Belum lagi di pinggir-pinggir jalan dimana warung-warung berada, sudah berkumpul semua masyarakat penggila bola, apalagi yang dibicarakan kalau bukan masing-masing memegang jagonya, entah siapa nanti yang akan menang

Lihatlah beberapa petikan percakapan di pinggir jalan,

Elo megang siapa? Gue voor deh lo setengah, gue tetep megang Barca deh….

Aahh.. emang elo berani kasih voor buat gue, Madrid ada Mourinho sekarang, jaminan mutu, tahu!

Terserah elo, berani kagak?

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