Austin GP tightened after Boston Bombing

Circuit of the AmericasAfter the bomb in Boston during the Boston Marathon in 2013, Monday, April 15, 2013 its make a variety of other events that will be held in the MotoGP race track more alert. They tightened security at various places.

One of these events will be held is the Austin Grand Prix this weekend, the Circuit of the Americas stepped up security around the motor racing arena.

Various items carefully recorded, in order to minimize the possible risks that may arise, ranging from handbags, wallets, backpacks, must pass the examination. One by one will be checked by security forces.

Citing news, April 17, 2013, Vice President of Public & Media Relations Circuit, Julie Loignon said, “We’ve been in touch with local law enforcement following the unfortunate events yesterday in Boston, Massachusetts, and will work with them throughout the upcoming weekend for sure we staged a safe and secure event.

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Social media becomes the Olympics challenge

By Tabita Diela

Olympic OpeningsThe International Olympic Committee (IOC) will face many problems when the London Olympic Games begin next week, July 27, 2012. Because the millions of sports fans in the world not only gathered in London to watch the Olympics, they will also share what they see in the arena through Facebook and Twitter.

The explosion of social networking is a big opportunity for the IOC, but IOC also has a responsibility to keep the information flow out of the arena. IOC is responsible for broadcasting stations who have signed contracts worth billions of dollars for exclusive coverage. Fans inside the stadium will be allowed to use their smartphone to record the athletes competing, but they are not allowed to upload them to Facebook.

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Opening Euro 2012: Poland vs Greece tied at the 1-1

After a brief opening ceremony, just 20 minutes. The beauty of dance as a dancer in the middle of the field to form various formations with colorful costumes bring the themes of cultural diversity are two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, the opening match kicked off.

Euro 2012 opening match, the Warsaw National Stadium, Friday, June 8, 2012 marked the release of a red card for each team. Poland played aggressively since the early minutes, they play from the wing sector, through Blaszczykowski and Lukasz Piszczek. The ball bounced the bait and assist, however, Lewandowski’s two colleagues work hard to maximize it. At the 15th minute, for example, Piszczek cross off, which failed to reach him.

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Gianluigi Buffon became porn movie star?

Buffon with AlenaIndeed, a wife is a wonderful companion at a time when hearts aretroubled, as well as a companion in everyday life. Always a lot of joy and sorrow occur every day, so it happens to Gianluigi Buffon with his wife, Alena.

One time Alena got a chance interviewed by an Italian women’s magazine, Verrisimo, last week, well… During the interview Alena commented that her husband “look” better in bed than Siffredi.

Sifredi here means Rocco Siffredi, Italian porn star. Siffredi apparently annoyed by Alena’s comments, he responded, “He (Buffon) may be better than me in bed, but I want to see it in front of the camera. Buffon is still ‘small child’ when compared to myself. I’ll make a suggestion: when he stopped playing, he should work for me. I need a real man,” replied Siffredi sarcastically about Alena statement.

And Alena actually want to praise the mighty husband on the bed, now even Buffon who was invited to play with Siffredi, hahaa…

Of course Buffon did not respond or at least he thought it was just an interlude in the life of the their family household. He was more preoccupied with how to bring the teams home city of Turin, Juventus defended to regain “scudetto” long lost from their grasp.

Buffon has been recognized by the soccer fans around the world as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and great service in bringing Juventus won a few times the Serie A “scudetto” and brought the Italian national teams became champion in FIFA World Cup in 2006.

Of course, Juventus need him more than the (porn) film fans, perhaps? Should let Buffon who will answer it, Buffon is really the man!

(Source Goal, Kompas /Image happymatrimonio)

Internazionale de Milano Still Missing Mourinho

Jose MourinhoAfter European league almost half way into the round, especially the Italian League, Inter Milan sunk by occupying the 16th position in Serie A standings.

Of course this makes the Inter president, Massimo Moratti, who previously had to change the target position after a Champions League winners only, a harsh reality and it is not impossible it is also difficult to achieve.

Since the departure of Jose Mourinho at the end of the 2009-10 season, Inter Milan have yet to find a coach who can restore their glory. Starting from Rafael Benitez, Leonardo, Gian Piero Gasperini and now Claudio Ranieri until they’ve tried to restore the glory of them, but the results have not been as trhe owner expected.

The same is expressed by Inter Milan CEO Ernesto Paolillo, who admitted that his club is hard to find trainers who can continue the success already achieved by Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho, who despised by the squad coach competitors because all actions are provocative, but it is part of a comprehensive strategy in dealing with his opponents on the field later.

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Valentino Rossi’s Helmet to Remembering Marco Simoncelli

Remembering Marco SimoncelliValentino “The Doctor” Rossi is a friend of Marco Simoncelli and their both came from Italy greatly feel the loss with the departure of his friend in a tragic accident on the racing circuit Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia.

When the race enters second lap, the accident occurred at the curve 11 when Simoncelli crashed, he’s trying hard not to fall, but he just slipped into the right lane and the collision was inevitable, so Simoncelli suffered severe injury to the head, neck, and chest.

Simoncelli lost control of the RC212V motor mount in that curve on the second lap. Former World Champion 250 cc class is trying hard to control the motor, but it actually took them into the path belongs to Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, who could not escape.

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Hurricane Irene makes ‘US Open’ maybe delayed

Roger FedererUS Open Grand Slam Tournament, August 27-September 11 may not be contested according to time, this is due to the danger of Hurricane Irene that expected through New York on Sunday, August 28, 2011.

Some well-known tennis players, such as Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, have canceled their press conference, while the security forces preparing to close the door matches arena in Flushing Meadows to prevent the worst when the storm struck.

The same is seen in the former world number one from Swiss, Roger Federer, he admitted that he worried about the threat of hurricane Irene who will pass through New York’s last days, where some of his family also live in this city.

Pretty scary because we do not know how big this storm,” said the Swiss tennis player.

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