Men’s “Womanizer”

By Ayunda Pininta Kasih

-> From the original title “7 Type of Men’s “Womanizer

womanizerFinding the prince’s dream into hope many women. But what if the prince’s dream in fact kind of guy womanizer? Handsome face and a man’s physical attractiveness womanizer type may melt your heart. But further identify the characters that you do not heartbroken about it.

1. Got a million compliments and sweet promises
Men of this type tend to express their feelings. Although there has been long known, it’s easy for him to show that he’s crazy about you. The trick, he likes to throw the compliments and sweet promises. The he even did not hesitate to promise to marry you or give you a gift. This is the type of man moves to mollify women womanizer.

The goal, make you a lover, but with a specific purpose. Actions tend to fake romance. Just the way to make friends, look macho in front of his friends, or even to obtain sexual gratification.

2. Close but really just friends?
This type of man did not hesitate to make out with you or even show it in front of others. However, though it was close, he’s never changed his status to be your lover. Casually, he will introduce you to his friends simply as an ordinary friend. In fact, you are already feeling close and expect more from him.

In order to not get caught up in the game, as much as possible try to get to know one of his friends was. You can find out what kind of friend he’s behaviour.

3. Got a special call for forgetting names
It does not matter if he’s occasionally forgotten or misstated the name. But if you forget to call the names occur frequently and repeatedly, this is a sign. One call names recur, indicating that he was still thinking about other women besides you.

Men womanizer type usually outsmart these shortcomings by using a special call to her partner. To find safe, he will call you a ‘beib‘ or ‘darl‘ is also another term.

4. “Surrounded” many women
This type of man is always busy with his mobile phone, busy reply SMS or answer the phone. Busyness like this also did not hesitate when she was alone with you. Be aware of this behavior.

Please check your social networking accounts. Men womanizer type usually have friends, most of whom are women. Wall is also filled with comments from her friends. He is also not shy to open the talk of social networking with girlfriends. If you are bothered by this kind of behavior, and feel playing therefore, you should reconsider your relationship continuation.

5. Relationship without status
The man is super romantic type. But when it comes to status, he will escape. For him, the relationship with you do not need to know anyone else. If you ask alasannnya, that he could not answer questions about the status of this. Tricks like this done type of guy that is not tied womanizer and freely connect with anyone without permission by you.

6. Have a myriad of activities
Active men is interesting, but it needs to be alert to the activities of man womanizer type. Typically, he’s never clearly expressed his profession. Despite the busy schedule, the work certainly never revealed. This lack of clarity makes it easier to go as they pleased. Even without the news for days. When he appeared again, he will come without the guilt and the like did not happen. In fact, it will simply take your heart back.

7. Untouched
Another feature that is found in this type of man is not wanted to introduce you to his friends. He would prefer to talk about him and you, but not the environment. He will feel uncomfortable when walking together with you in front of the crowd. Because, he was afraid to meet with his girls caught another. This type of man would rather go to distant places with you. If you can not afford to undergo such a relationship, do not take the risk associated with the type of man womanizer.

Jakarta, August 2011
(Source Chic Magazine /Image Uptown Magazine)

Ayunda Pininta Kasih. A woman journalist.


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