Preferred Kisses by the Men

kissing the lover

When you’re alone with your lover, is not it thrilling moment? Kissing the lover is part of intimacy, and all seemed to go smoothly.

How do you imagine the expression of a lover? Say the same thing for the couple who have been married, many couples who not only enjoy a kiss on the lips, but also on the forehead, cheeks, or neck, depending on the atmosphere.

Men love these kinds of typical kiss, as if he thought?

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Men’s “Womanizer”

By Ayunda Pininta Kasih

-> From the original title “7 Type of Men’s “Womanizer

womanizerFinding the prince’s dream into hope many women. But what if the prince’s dream in fact kind of guy womanizer? Handsome face and a man’s physical attractiveness womanizer type may melt your heart. But further identify the characters that you do not heartbroken about it.

1. Got a million compliments and sweet promises
Men of this type tend to express their feelings. Although there has been long known, it’s easy for him to show that he’s crazy about you. The trick, he likes to throw the compliments and sweet promises. The he even did not hesitate to promise to marry you or give you a gift. This is the type of man moves to mollify women womanizer.

The goal, make you a lover, but with a specific purpose. Actions tend to fake romance. Just the way to make friends, look macho in front of his friends, or even to obtain sexual gratification.

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Foods That Raise Your Sex Passion

By Christina Andhika Setyanti

–> From the original title “4 Types of Foods that raise Sex Passion

strawberryWhat do you do when your sex life less passionate? Let’s look at the contents of your refrigerator first. Because maybe there are some foods that can be used as a “tool” to stimulate the sex drive you both.

Chocolate sauce. Surely you’ve heard that chocolate is a food that is “sexy“. What is this? Not because of the content of phenylethylamine, a substance that is nutritious produce dopamine neurotransmitters. Impact of dopamine is the emergence of feelings of pleasure and improved mood. Phenylethylamine itself has aphrodisiac properties that gave rise to the feeling like someone in love.

To stimulate the sex drive partner, just apply chocolate on sensitive parts of her body. Then use your tongue to clean it. Be sure to make eye contact so that he’s more easily tempted.

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Happier sex with breast implants

By Bramirus Mikail

breast implantBreast implant surgery is not only made her more confident with the size of the breasts become larger, but also can increase their satisfaction in bed.

Conclusions are based on the results of an online survey was initiated, which involves a number of women and the results of the survey showed that nearly 61 percent of women admitted that they had more sex with a partner after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

And, even significantly, 70 percent of them admitted that their sex life satisfaction has greatly improved since breast augmentation surgery performed.

Real Self is a community to share and learn about cosmetic surgery. This community conducted a poll for two weeks and asked the patients who underwent breast enlargement surgery to assess their sexual experiences since the surgery is performed.

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Nadia, former wife of Saif Khadafy?

Saif Khadafy and the GirlsAfter he was caught in the southern Libyan desert on Saturday, November 20, 2011 a few days ago, a story about him apparently has not ended.

This time it came the recognition of a Ukrainian woman with blue eyes and brown hair who claimed to be former wife of Saif al-Islam Khadafy, the first son of the second wife of Col. Moammar Khadafy. Nadia, the name of the woman has a remarkable story.

Nadia, 29 years, tells that Saif likes to do domestic violence, and fond of women and drugs, even though at first she tried to live a normal life just as the life of a family.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday, November 22, 2011, she said, “I’m trying to have a normal family, but Saif wants to live as a man with many lovers and having partying at any time.

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Ashton Kutcher’s New Mistress?

Sara LealCelebrating the birthday of marriage for each married couple is certainly a wonderful moment that awaited, including of course for Demi Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Awaited day for celebrating the sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday, September 24, 2011 last week, Demi Moore, 48, impatiently awaiting a gift from her dear husband, but there was less good news spread in some media about the behavior of her husband, Kutcher, 33 years.

Kutcher apparently could not resist the surge of his desire to see the blooming flowers in the garden, some pretty girls reported being present at a party held by him, the party took place at a hotel suite, the Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego.

As told by some source, just a day before he celebrated the wedding anniversary, Kutcher held a party at a Diamond Suites hotel at 1200 square feet with outdoor Jacuzzi together with the girls in it, completely naked.

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Fleksiseksual… Apakah ini ‘Tren’ Baru..?

Ciuman Britney Spears dan MadonnaMelihat foto adegan ciuman antara 2 orang diva, Britney Spears dan Madonna berikut ini yang ditayangkan oleh situs portal, Sabtu, 27 November 2010 tak urung hati terkejut juga… Sampai segitunya ya?

Uuummm…. Uuummm…. Uuummm……..

Apa yang mereka rasakan saat melakukan adegan ciuman tersebut? Mencium pasangan sendiri – pacar atau suami/istri, tentu memiliki gairah yang wajar dirasakan sebagai makhluk normal. Disana ada passion, penyerahan diri total, rasa percaya, kasih sayang dan nafsu tentunya menjadi satu…

Menjadi aneh bila yang dicium, apalagi dengan nafsu dan gairah menyala kepada pasangan sejenis, amati foto tersebut, woooww… Apa yang salah, apakah mencium lawan jenis sudah tidak memiliki sensasi lagi? Tanyakanlah pada mereka!

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