Addicted to Social Networking Sites More than Cigarettes?

socmed festival 2012Can not be denied is if we are addicted to something to make us forget everything around us. What just happened does not matter, attention is only focused on the things that makes it addictive.

Symptoms of using social networking sites seem to get the attention of many parties, including a team of researchers from the Booth Business School, University of Chicago, who studied the desires of everyday people, found that sleep and sex are two of the most dreamed of the day.

Now what if this situation occurs on social networking sites? The urge to get in there is something that is most difficult to resist. Facts obtained very surprising, and unexpected, alcohol and tobacco that has a reputation so addictive it is not desirable because the levels are still below the social network. Great isn’t it?

The desire for social media is relatively more difficult to be rejectedbecause of high availability, and also because it is costly to engage in this activity,” said study leader, Dr. Wilhelm Hofmann, the survey results will be published in the journal Psychological Science.

The use of Twitter, for example. A friend is more comfortable for long fiddling with his/her Twitter account, so oblivious of anything around them. Including refuse cigarettes or drinks are offered.

Yes, the harder the effort we resist something, the more we desire to receive it. Furthermore, we are so much easier to give up lately, because of our willingness (to resist) also declined, according to the researchers.

(Source Stylelist, femaleKompas /Image SindoNews)


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