Inferno, the Latest Dan Brown’s Novel

Inferno - Dan BrownDan Brown is back with his latest novel, he displays a character who describes the city of Manila as a city with severe traffic congestion, choking pollution, massive poverty, and prostitution of children who thrive.

This immediately brought criticism from the Philippine government. Although only a novel, but is able to make the state government disrupted. Why? Therefore, the Brown’s novel calls Manila as “Gates of Hell“.

In fact, the government agency that manages Manila felt the need to write to Dan Brown and his novel publisher.

We are not happy with the inaccurate portrayal of our beloved city,” said Francis Tolentino, Manila official governing body.

Is the city of Manila as depicted in the novel? Tolentino did not deny that Manila has many slums and poverty that still ensnare citizens. But he still objected to the novel.

Not new to the Philippine government, while the screening of “The Da Vinci Code” is an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Dan Brown, they also objected. The novel is described in some details considered attacking the Catholic Church, given that most residents of Manila and the Philippines are known as devout Catholic.

This is something interesting when viewed from different angles, the support is coming from the majority of Filipinos through social networking. They even justify the Brown depiction about Manila.

Ah, how? Whatever we also appreciate both sides. Manila is still interesting to visit, regardless of a novel describing the author’s point of view.

Feel the beauty of the city itself, it would be one of the best experiences in Southeast Asia.

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(Source AFP, Kompas /Image MyBookShelf Shirley)


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